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    Expert Concrete Advice

    Yup, this is concrete! Or is it cement, steel, or maybe timber frame homes you’re looking for?

    Obviously you were directed here in your search for information about your construction project. Given the thousands of information online offered on any given subject, how do you know which one best fit your needs?


    First of, why me? Because I had experienced and dealt with just about anything that you can think of after more than 15 years in the industry as an engineering designer, estimator,construction engineer, cement contractor, and general contractor.

    My construction knowledge and experience started as structural engineering student at the University of Utah followed by working as a structural designer immediately after graduation.

    After years creating and preparing construction plans it became a natural transition to general contracting working directly with business and home owners.

    You will find advanced engineering and construction advice here.

    If you’re unsure what size footing to use or don’t know how to do an addition to your house or maybe you want to remove a wall in your remodel project.

    Diy projects always begin with a thought. To make that thought become reality and before you pay someone for a service that you may not need, let me take a shot at it. After all, the only payment you will make is the time to type your question.

    Look around this website, if you can't find what you're looking for, shoot me your question in the Got Question page and I'll be sure to respond quickly.


    As the site name suggests, this website is about concrete. Even though steel and wood are very reliable structural materials, neither can function effectively without cement.

    A wood or steel building is useless without concrete footings, foundations, and slabs. In all life without concrete is unreliable and miserable - that is if you're a building or a house. For those reasons among others many consider cement as the king of all building materials.


    Steel beams are increasingly popular in residential construction and will continue to be as such for years to come. Due to the lack of land to build and with population growth, building materials will continue to be pushed to the limit. In homes where suspended slabs over garages are needed as well as where wood has reached its design limit, steel beams has become the material of choice.

    Due to the fact that cement and concrete worldwide are being used interchangeably to mean the same, this website is a reflection of that fact.

    spot1 spot2

    The single most important component of a building or structure is the foundation - every structure needs a strong, immovable, and long lasting foundation which perfectly outlines the characteristics that cement brings to building foundations. Constructing upon strong foundations were well understood for centuries as evident by this 2000 year old sermon:

    “Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings on mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man who built his house upon a rock."

    "And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not for it was founded upon a rock” Matthew 7:24-25

    Nowadays concrete is the man-made rock spoken of where homes, highrises, hotels, hospitals, warehouse, bridges, schools, stadiums, airports, etc are founded upon.

    This website shares professional experiences both from engineering design and construction perspectives on how to build using cement. I hope you find your answer...

    Thanks for Visiting!

    Concrete Blog
    The concrete steel blog keep you up-to-date with new additions and changes to all-concrete-cement.com web site. You can subscribe here
    Concrete Question, Concrete Help, Concrete Answer
    If you haven't found the answer to your concrete question, this section was created for you. Our visitors who are seeking for information are encouraged to ask question.
    Framing a House, House Framing Instructions, House Framing
    Framing a house or the house framing trade is the most difficult which explains why it takes the longest to complete. Framing is also the most costly of all residential construction trades. In fact th
    Framing a window, Window and door framing, Framing a bay window
    Framing a window or window and door framing is part of wall framing. In fact exterior stud walls cannot be built without proper framing of windows and doors. Since the openings for windows and doors i
    Framing a Wall, Framing Basement Walls, Framing Floors
    Framing a wall or wall framing in general is the first structural element to be installed in any house framing project. On the other hand, framing basement walls unless they support the main structure
    Shear Wall, Wall Framing, Framing Walls, Framing a House
    The primary function of a Shear wall is to resist lateral forces being exerted on the building by wind and/or earthquake. While wall framing focuses on stud arrangements and layout, it is important to
    Building Material List, Building Materials Estimator, Material Takeoff
    Creating building material list is the first step to come up with the real cost of a building project. The task of creating such list is often the responsibility of the building materials estimator th
    Concrete Estimator, Concrete Takeoff, Building Materials Estimator
    Concrete estimator calculates materials and labor for concrete projects. For construction projects in general calculating building materials is the job of building materials estimator. The process by
    Structural Steel Estimating, Construction Estimating, On Screen Takeoff
    Structural steel estimating is a process that can effectively be done online as on screen takeoff. Steel pipe estimating or steel construction estimating begins with an accurate steel takeoff in order
    Window Replacement Costs, Window Replacement Do It Yourself, Window Replacement
    Window replacement costs are one of the most important things in the minds of homeowners whether it will be window replacement do it yourself project or hire a window replacement contractor. Like all
    Roof Truss Design, Roof Truss Plans, Residential Roof Truss Design
    Residential roof truss design or building roof trusses in general are in most cases left for truss manufacturers. Prefabricated roof trusses are the term that is used by architects and engineers to sp
    Calculation Roof Trusses, Truss Roof Construction, Build Your Own Roof Truss
    Calculation roof trusses are a tedious and very time consuming process yet necessary to determine the forces required for truss roof construction. If you are planning to build your own roof truss or s
    How to Build Roof Trusses, Simple Roof Truss, Building Roof Trusses
    In this page we are going to discuss the process of how to build roof trusses. Building roof trusses will be much easier if you begin with a detailed sketch of the actual truss you are planning to bui
    Steel roof truss design, metal roof trusses, Build a common roof truss
    Building roof trusses analysis discussed in calculation roof trusses is the same procedures for steel roof truss design and analysis. Even the joint method of analysis used in build your own roof trus
    Concrete Footing Details, Pier Footings, Post Footing
    The concrete footing details in most cases are the only communications between the structural engineer and the contractor on site. This is especially true in residential construction where footing det
    Concrete Footing Design, Footing Design, Footing Detail
    Concrete footing design, footing design, footing detail, and continuous footing all follow the same design procedure. A concrete footing detail is the end result of footing design process following ca
    Footing Detail, Concrete Footing Design, Concrete Footing Details
    A good concrete footing detail is the result of careful considerations based on the type of structure, weight of the structure, type of soil, climate conditions, etc during the concrete footing design
    Continuous Footing, Footing Design, Concrete Footing Details
    Continuous footing, wall footing, strip footing, and spread footing all refer to the same type of footing. The footing design process for these footings are all the same.
    Deck Footings, Pier footings, Spread Footing
    Deck footings, pier footings, column footings, and post footings can all describe footing for a deck. These footings can also be called spot footing or spread footing. This page provides different foo
    Home Foundations, Concrete Block Foundation, Foundation Details
    Concrete home foundations are designed and constructed to coincide with the climate, type of soil, and type of home. All of these factors dictate the shape, size, depth, reinforcements, etc of the fou
    Foundation footings, Home foundations, Footing drains
    As the foundation footings go, so goes the house or building. For that reason home foundations and garage foundation are extremely important to be designed and detailed correctly. This page offers var
    Shed foundation, Shed Designs, Shed Plans
    Shed foundation holds the key to the stability of sheds. If you need shed design ideas, shed foundations ideas, or construction ideas related to sheds, all-concrete-cement.com has the expertise to
    Garage Foundation, Foundation footing, Suspended concrete slab
    Garage foundation is identical to home foundations, in fact most foundations for garages and homes share the same detail. Discover different foundation options that can be used for garages.
    Styrofoam Concrete Form, Building Concrete Forms, Concrete Foam Forms
    Styrofoam concrete form, concrete foam forms, foam concrete forms all refer to the new technology for forming concrete also known as ICF foundation or insulated concrete form. This type of building co
    Sonotube Concrete Forms, Concrete Tube Forms, Concrete Form Tubes
    Sonotube concrete forms, concrete tube forms, and concrete form tubes all refer to circular concrete column forms predesigned and premade intended to be placed over a footing to pour a concrete pier o
    ICF Prices, Concrete Foam Forms, Foam Concrete Forms
    Comparing the (insulated concrete form) ICF prices with the conventional concrete forming using handset such as Symon forms is a great way to see the benefits of concrete foam forms. Among the great b
    Concrete slab construction, Pouring a concrete slab, Cement floors
    Concrete slab construction requires great deal of preparations prior to pouring concrete slab. At this stage, it is good practice to revisit the concrete slab cost estimate used during planning and bu
    Diy concrete slab, Concrete slab construction, Pouring concrete slab
    DIY Concrete Slab is a great way to learn and save money. Learn the procedures of preparing your cement floors and concrete slab leveling.
    Pouring Concrete Slab, Concrete Patio Slab, Concrete Slab Floor
    Pouring concrete slab whether it is concrete slab floor, concrete patio slab, or monolithic slab requires very careful planning. The concrete pour usually takes a day but the process leading up to the
    Concrete slab leveling, Pour a concrete slab, Concrete slab construction
    Knowing the concrete slab leveling process is an important step to pour a concrete slab during preparation for concrete slab construction. By following slab leveling process not only will help to main
    Insulated Concrete Slab, Concrete Slab Heating, Concrete Wall Insulation
    Insulated concrete slab involves installing rigid insulations below the slab as a way to minimize the heat loss during cold winter months and cold loss during summer. These rigid insulations can also
    Cement foundation repair, Slab crack repair, Garage foundation repair
    Cement foundation repair and cement floor repair are done for aesthetic, preventative, and structural reasons. Understanding the cause of the cracks is critically important in determining whether cost
    Concrete Foundation Repair, Home Foundation Repair, Garage foundation repair
    Concrete foundation repair of cracks caused by ground settlement is a highly specialized field. This type of cement foundation repair is costly because of the risks and difficulties of work involved.
    Concrete pump, Concrete line pumps, Pumping concrete
    Concrete pump is the most effective way to deliver concrete to its final destination. The most common type of pumping concrete are concrete pumping truck and concrete line pumps also known as grout pu
    Home addition plans, Room Addition Blueprint, Garage floor plan
    Home addition plans, garage floor plans, home addition floor plans, garage floor plan, and shed plans are perfect for diy construction plans. These are very simple to do and they do not have to be fan
    Room addition blueprints, Room addition plan free, Room addition floor plans
    Room addition blueprints, house addition plans, and family room addition plans can all refer to the same thing home addition plans. Whether you want your room addition plan free by creating them yours
    Cement Driveways, Concrete Garage Floor, Cement Driveway
    Cement driveways also known as concrete driveways are the most commonly used driveways in America. The finished elevation of concrete garage floor is critically important in determining the top elevat
    Cement Driveway, Garage Floor, Cement Driveways
    Cement driveway is a continuation of garage floors, connecting the street to the concrete garage floor. Should driveways are not properly formed water flow from city street can cause major drainage pr
    Concrete Patio Designs, Cement Patio, diy concrete patio
    Make your ideas for concrete patio designs come to life by sketching them on a piece of paper. Your sketch doesn't have to be fancy but it needs to represent your thoughts of a diy concrete patio and
    Cement Patio, Concrete Patio Designs, Cement Patios
    Prepping elevated cement patio can be tricky and costly if you don’t do it right. Provided here is a very effective way for your diy concrete patio or for contractors.
    Cement Patios, Concrete Patio Ideas, Concrete Patio Design
    Tips for estimating the cost of cement patios. These needed to know how to concrete patio estimating procedures are critical to keeping track of your budget.
    Steel beams, Steel I Beam, Steel i beam sizing
    Using steel beams most commonly steel I beam to support concrete over metal deck when constructing suspended slab over garages is the quickest. This is especially true in areas where steel I beam pric
    Steel Beam Sizing, Steel beam Design, Steel i Beam
    The formula for steel beam sizing is section modulus (S) = moment (M)/allowable yield stress (Fy) or in short S=M/Fy. Tables for structural steel sizes or steel beam dimension show each member propert
    Steel I beam sizes, Steel I beam, Steel beam dimensions
    Steel I beam sizes, section properties, steel beam dimensions, and structural steel sizes can all be found in the steel beam tables. Structural steel sizes are industry standard that steel manufacture
    Structural steel tube, Steel tube sizes, Steel structural tubing
    Structural steel tube is widely used in the building construction industry. Due to the varieties of steel tube dimensions available in the market, their usage in constructing building component is unl
    Steel Channel Sizes, Steel c channel, Structural Steel Channel
    There are two types of Steel channel sizes, one with designation MC and the other C as in steel c channel. The MC stands for miscellaneous channels range in sizes from 3 to 18 inches deep see figure 3
    Angle Iron Sizes, Steel Angle Iron, Steel angle
    Angle iron sizes, steel angle iron, metal angle iron, and structural steel angles are all different names for steel angle. Though not considered major structural framing element like wide flanges and
    Weight of Steel Plate, Steel Plate Weight, Steel Plate Thickness
    In order to calculate the weight of steel plate, one must know the steel plate thickness and the steel plate density or steel plate specific weight, normally expressed in pounds per cubic foot (lbs/ft
    Steel plate prices, plate steel prices, Stainless steel prices
    Looking for steel plate prices? Online plate steel prices and stainless steel prices are hard to get and very expensive if you dont have the minimum quantity that steel warehouses need in order to ge
    Metal deck, Concrete floor deck, Steel deck, Steel roof deck
    Concrete cast on metal deck is one of the most effective ways to build concrete floors. Majority of commercial buildings that are two or more stories are built with concrete floor deck or concrete pou
    Make Your Own Greenhouse, How to Make a Greenhouse, Do it Yourself Greenhouses
    Planning to make your own greenhouse or looking for information how to make a greenhouse? Are you the do it yourself greenhouses type searching out greenhouse for sale particularly redwood greenhouses
    Metal Patio Cover, Wood Patio Cover Design, Patio Cover Roof Plan
    Metal patio cover has a lot of different designs and materials to choose from. The beauty of patio covers is that there is no limit as to the material or design one can use. If you are looking for diy
    Wooden patio cover designs, Diy patio cover, Patio cover ideas
    One of the easiest wooden patio cover designs is shown in figure 28 below. This particular wood patio cover design uses the existing house walls to support the roof rafters for the new wooden patio co
    Contact us, All concrete cement
    Should you have any questions or comments related to this website, we love to hear from you
    Disclaimer, All Concrete Cement
    Disclaimer, while the information contained within the site is periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the information provided in this website is correct, complete, and/or up-to-date.
    About me, My personal story
    About me is my personal story, how and where it all started
    Wall Footing, Continuous Footing, Footing Detail
    Wall footing also known as continuous footing is built specifically to support walls. When building concrete footings are cast monolithically with the slabs it is called thicken slab.
    Privacy policy
    Privacy policy
    Roof framing, Framing floors, Framing walls
    When framing timber frame homes or wooden frame houses the top priority for framers is to get to roof framing as soon as possible. But to begin the roof joist or roof truss installation, framing floor
    Concrete Footings, Footing Detail, Spot Footing Detail
    The concrete footings and foundation plans below is one of the projects I came across that needed value engineering of all the concrete work including slabs
    Building stair stringers, Structural steel channel, Steel channel sizes
    The standard steel sections that are normally used for building stair stringers include steel c channel, miscellaneous (MC) steel channel
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